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Burning face with hair loss

Patient: My face has been burning sense September; I have had every test doctors can think of, but no body can tell me what’s wrong. I also have excessive hair loss. It burns then hair falls out. I have tried a gluten free, no sugar diet for several weeks to no effect.



Symptoms: Burning and hair loss



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to typical facial burning sensation and followed by hair loss indicat es more towards TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA or 5th cranial nerve compression ie the facial nerve. If it’s bilateral, then it is more likely to be the diagnosis. I suggest neuromuscular studies to be performed and diagnosis ascertained. This can occur either due to ischaemic pattern of blood supply to the facial region of the body or secondary to a viral infliction of the nerve.The sensation on the face can vary from tingling to burning without redness on the face though. You may require Vitamin B-COMPLEX injections for a month like neurobion, which have shown promise in the treatment. It is suggested that you meet a neurophysician for a complete evaluation ad thereafter further treatment. You may discuss your options with him and take an informed decision.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards

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Patient: My ankle was sprained in August and has not healed; I am getting therapy which is helping, but sense it occurred at the same time, could that injury cause this?

Doctor: No, an ankle injury is in no way related to the facial symptoms and is a completely isolated injury, which needs separate treatment in form of splint or restriction of movements.


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