Burning internal incision pain 4 months after cesarean

Patient: I had a cesarean 4 months ago, but 2 days ago I became sick, fever and coughing, now everytime I cough or sneeze I get an unbearable burning pain on the left side of my internal incision, I was wondering if this is normal 4 months after the surgery, or should I go to the ER?

Symptoms: Burning pain from internal cesarean incision

Doctor: Hello,If you have had c-section just 4 months back then still the scar tissue formed in the rectus suturing is in the process of gaining strength which is completed by 6-8 months.So anytime intrabdominal pressure is raised a during cough then this remodeled scar tissue may stretch and cause pain. This is exactly what you have been going through and once your infection subsides along with the cough , you should feel better. Hence it is imperative to seek treatment for cough with antibiotics if required to avoid such pains.I hope i have answered your question in detail ,wishing you good health,regards