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Burning pinching iratated feeling in upper part of scrotum n

Patient: Burning pinching iratated feeling in upper part of scrotum near base of penis.



Symptoms: Burning pinching it station in upper part of scrotum near base of penis



Doctor: HiRead and understood your query.You have a feeling of burning, irritating and punching in the area at upper part o f scrotum near the base of penis.The commonest reason is obviously the dermatitis due to many reasons. Since this area is covered by penis the sweating can precipitate from Jocks itch to pure fungal and also the irritating itching causing small injuries and the problem continues.Well I would like to ask a questions, please give me answers.Since when have you got this ?Does the appearance started when you were started on allopurinol?Any treatment you have taken?Is the skin discoloration present?Please give details so that I can assist you more.Awaiting yours feedbackRegards

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Patient: Started about 36 hours ago. I have been on allopurinol for years with no prior comic actions. I have not used any medications as of yet and I see no discoloration noticed bumps. I have some prostate issues within the past few months.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Since this has started recently, possibilities are plain dermatitis due to sweat or added fungal infection is more.
You may please clean the area with plain water, dry the area with cotton cloth or using hair dryer.
Keeping the area clean, ventilated, avoiding hot and humid atmosphere may sometimes heal up and may not need any treatment.
You may apply pure antifungal lotion or powder to keep fungal infection at bay.
This measure may be sufficient in many cases.
Avoid soap application and creams with combination as they may give results but actually may mask the problem.
This doesn’t look to be related to your medication or prostate issues.
I hope this helps you.
In case the problem is not solved with simple measures or increases fast, you may please take an opinion of the Dermatologist.
Wishing you early recovery.


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