Burning sensation during and after sex

Patient: I have only ever had sex with my boyfriend and it felt good at first, but recently it doesn’t feel good anymore. It hurts and burns a little, but only during and right after intercourse. I’m not sure if I need to see a gynecologist or a regular doctor, or if I can treat it myself. Please and thank you.

Symptoms: Burning; slight pain

Doctor: Hello,Burning and pain sensation in vagina during intercourse and immediately afterwards indicate that frictional inj ury is causing vaginal abrasions possibly due to inadequate lubrication or partial vaginal dryness.If condoms are used then the injury can be further enhanced and can be more painful due to latex use,so it is advisable that unless any foul smelling discharge or bleeding is evident , this issue is related to inadequate lubrication, and you must spend more time as a couple in foreplay to get excited before resorting to act of intercourse. This shall help .I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health, regards