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Burning sensation During Urination and Vaginal Discharge?

Patient: Me and my boyfriend recently started having sex and I’m kind of worried I might be pregnant but I also think I have a UTI because I’m having frequent short pees that burn but also I have this like clear liquid that doesn’t real smell showing up on the back of my panties its not alot because my panties aren’t soaked, it just kind of shows up I can’t feel it coming from anywhere and its mostly after I lay down . What could this be?




Doctor: Vaginal discharge, burning sensation during urination are common symptoms during vaginitis. The infection could be due t o bacteria, yeast or a parasite called Trichomonas. You will need to see your family doctor to get the urine tested for infection and also swab and microscopically study the vaginal discharge. Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment is straightforward.To diagnose whether you are pregnant or not, you may have to do a urine pregnancy test the first day you miss your periods or after 2 weeks after you’ve had sex. In the meantime refrain from any sexual activity till diagnosis and treatment is complete and make sure you use condoms during sex. Hope the information helps.


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