Burning Sensation on the tip of penis

Patient: Sir i have the problem of burning sensation on penis(at its tip)since 10 days,i have consulted to a general physician who suggested me to go for certain tests,reports of these tests are as follows:test:HB(cyanmethaemoglobin):16.0 g/dl (13-17)TLC(total leucocyte count):10800 cells/cumm. (4000-11000)DLC:polymorphs: 50 % (40-80)lymphocytes: 46 % (20-40)monocytes:02 % (2-10)eosinophils: 02 % (1-6)GBP: NormalURINE EXAMINATION (Routine):Physical ExaminationSample- RandomColour- Pale yellow clearpH- AcidicCHEMICAL EXAMINATIONGlucose- AbsentProtein- AbsentMICROSCOPIC EXAMINATIONPus Cells : occasionalRBCs: AbsentCrystals: AbsentCasts: AbsentEpithelial Cells: FewMedicins taken as per doctor’s advice: oflomac 300,Canesten-s creamalthough the test reports are normal but still the problem is as it was.pls do provide the valuable suggestion & your valuable medical advice.thank you.