Burning sensation when I eat bread, am I allergic?

Patient: When I eat bread it burns going down. This has been going on for some time. I am lactose intolerant .Not sure if that matters but I also get the same burning and bloating from the bread as I do the dairy. Obviously I avoid the bread but wondered if I should consult a doctor or just continue to police myself. Spicy foods don’t bother me but just give me bread and Im totally uncomfortable. . Just wondering why. Very healthy for a 67 yr old and very active. Thanks

Symptoms: Pain in upper chest after swallowing bread. Like acid reflux. I also get a tight bloated feeling from bread no matter how small the amount.

Doctor: Bread is commonly made with dairy by-products, dried milk or whey protein. These ingredients contain lactose, which coul d cause digestive discomfort if you’re lactose intolerant. Not everyone who is lactose intolerant has the same level of intolerance toward lactose. If you’re mildly or moderately lactose intolerant, you may not develop any symptoms after eating bread. Look for breads that do not contain any milk byproducts by reading the ingredients. Some bread may be labeled dairy-free.