Burning sensation with urinary symptoms

Patient: My mom is having burning sensation on her buttocks she unable to sit, sleep, for sometime that burning sensation is severe we have gone out through urine test,urine culture test,sugar test ,cholestrol everything there are no signs of redness on her buttocks but she is unable to sit nt even for a min continously ,in the urine culture report it found that proteus vulgaris infection is there she got medicine and treatment for that but it is not reduced and the frequency of urination is also there in small small quantity with full urgency

Doctor: The burning feeling in the buttocks might be due to a sciatic nerve irritation, but you are also describing urinary sym mptoms that have not improved with the antibiotics prescribed, in that case I strongly recommend that your mother have a reevaluation by a specialist (Urologist) and lab tests, not only urine but cultures and possibly a sonogram to determine the cause of her symptoms and choose the adequate treatment.