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Burning Type Head Aches, Pain Located Behind the Ear.

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I randomly have pain in the right side of my head. centralizing around my ear. Feels slight burning. Not an extreme pain, but annoying as ever. Feels almost like I slept wrong on my hair and its pulling.. but its not, It came on in the middle of the day. Its been going on for about a day now and seems to be getting a bit more noticeable. Any ideas?


There are numerous causes of headaches. Primary headaches are the most common type and include tension type headaches and migraine. Secondary headaches are caused by problems elsewhere in the surrounding tissues and structures and the pain radiates to the head, a common cause could be headaches arising from tension to the neck muscles. Overuse of pain killer medications and ear infection could also cause headaches.
If your headache is not getting better with pain medication, or there is a change in the character of pain, or the pain becomes intolerable, you have the worst headache in your life or headaches are present when you wake up, you need to visit your doctor. Take care.

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