Burning while done peeing

Patient: Hi I was wondering if you can help me and consider what I should do. So during sex I told my husband to stop because I needed was to pee, while I was peeing there was this burning feeling after I was done peeing. Also I see a little bit of spotting but it may also be my period cause I start my period this week, my husband didn’t get a chance to cum inside of me because I told him to stop and we did not continue sex due to a burning feeling. please help me solve my problem, thank you 🙂

Symptoms: Burning, and hard to pee.

Doctor: You have complained of burning pain during micturition, with little blood discharge. Especially it was after having sex. First chance could be any injury during intercourse, might have cause the burning pain. Other most common cause could be urinary tract infection or any other sexually transmitted disease. You must be treated for either of the conditions. Visit a gynecologist for further management. It is also better to be in abstinence with your husband, till you treatment is complete, and few infections, might require treatment of both the partners.