Burst Abscess is bleeding, how do I care for it?

Patient: I have a breast abscess that burst. My doctor is currently out of the country, and I won’t be able to see him till Monday (it’s Tuesday right now). The abscess burst last Wednesday. It seems that there is no more pus coming out, but it is bleeding, and seems to be stretching the skin to tear it more. I had previously had a surgery for a prior abscess…and so the points of leakage seems to be where the initial incisions were. I keep it dressed all the time with a non-stick pad. I dress it two times a day. I wear a tight bra to keep it secure. Right now, I just need to know if I need to go to the ER, or is there a way to take care of this on my own?

Symptoms: Bleeding, burst breast abscess

Burst Abscess is bleeding, ...-1

Doctor: Hello,If you have had the burst last wednesday and you have been waiting for a week to settle it down . Now as there is no pus discharge from the wound and there is no surrounding inflammation, it appears that you have well taken care of the wound and it is advised that if there is no pain then you may continue twice a day dressing with betadine solution or povidone iodine cream and use the no stick pad for dressing. Tight brassiere are advised but as is seen that the nipple is inverted , i feel that breast feeding may not be a possibility in this situation and breast milk have to be expressed out regularly with a pump to disallow further milk accumulation and further potential development of further abscess.You may wait till your doctor arrives , but anytime you see excessive pus discharge and pain and spreading of abscess, report to ER sooner.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you speedy recovery,regards