Calacneal stress fracture

Patient: DoctorI have had an ongoing injury for almost a year now and am at the point of bad depression and anxiety with it. I hoped someone might be able to provide some support and advice.It started with my heel pad swelling after a night out dancing with friends (in flat ballet pumps- not very supportive). I couldn’t put weight on it so rested all weekend and swelling went down. I wore trainers from that day forward and it felt a lot better but I had a niggly discomfort. I saw various people (Physio, osteopath etc) who all diagnosed plantar facitis and got me rolling balls under my foot doing toe curls etc.It got worse and in Jan it was very swollen in the heel pad and I couldn’t walk on it without bad pain. I saw a foot and ankle specialist and had an MRI which showed an abnormal white patch inside the heel bone like a stress reaction but it was a blob rather than a line like with most stress fractures, and it was adjacent to the plantar fascia insertion. The fascia itself is normal. My doc was baffled and ordered a CT scan which was normal.I tried about five weeks in a short aircast and crutches and during week five the swelling decreased a lot and I tried walking but it was still very painful. I’ve been on and off crutches for six months and the injury remains.I have just switched docs and now seeing a podiatric surgeon. He did a new MRI and the injury has reduced from 13mm to 9mm, he thinks it is a weird stress fracture. The issue is it’s at the fascia insertion so any walking or weight bearing pulls at the fracture site. He has out me in a long aircast this time for six weeks.My question is have you heard of a stress fracture in such a position? If so is six weeks long enough and is it ok to walk with the aircast on?I’m desperate for it to get better as I’m only 26 and am getting married on a few months! I can’t workout and am gaining weight from being so inactive for so long :-(Thanks for any advice!Catherine

Symptoms: Heel pain and swelling