Calcium supplements

Patient: Hi I read on Wikipedia the calcium lactate does not have to be take with meals and i am looking for a calcium supplement like that. I cannot use calcium citrate So my question for you is: Can anyone take calcium lactate or is it just for people who have high phosphate levels. If I were to take it would it bind with the phosphate in my body causing a phosphate deficiency or does it just bind with excess Phosphate, What other minerals does it bind with?

Doctor: Calcium Lactate may be administered in low blood calcium levels (Hypocalcemia), Osteoporosis, and Post-Menopausal Osteop orosis Prevention. There are many oral preparations of calcium salts available, even effervescent varieties; therefore it should be possible to find a particular calcium salt to suit your requirements, which does not produce adverse effects. The indication for use is also important for example if you have chronic kidney disease, calcium acetate or carbonate are the calcium salts of choice, because they help to reduce serum phosphate levels. Calcium lactate is usually administered with food; calcium citrate may be taken with or without food. I would advise discussing calcium salt preparations with your family physician, with reference to the specific indication in your case.