Calculating your maximum and target heart rate

Patient: Hi iam 21 female. and not in too bad of shape did sports all thro high school and just started working out again. iam concerned about my heart rate it was at 200 one time at peak of my workout i felt ok though…but mostly aroune 180-190 . my natuarl heart rate is like 80s-90-s when i sit at the machines in the store thats the only high thing tho all other numbers are low. is it ok if i work out hard as normal?

Doctor: Your maximum heart rate can be calculated by 220 – Age = maximum heart rate. In your case, this approximately calculates es 220 – 21 = 199. Your target heart rate is usually 65% to 85% of your maximal heart rate, and this ranges from 130 to 170, if your age is approximately 20 years. If your heart rate is measuring 200 while you are exercising and you do not experience any problems or adverse effects and you are able to converse normally, while exerting at this level, there is no need to worry. It is important that your heart rate returns to normal after exercise, and 72 beats per minute represents the average resting heart rate. The fact that your heart can reach maximal heart rate for someone of your age signifies that you have a young heart which is able to beat fast, due to good blood supply and heart function.