Calf pain

Patient: Experienced runner halving mid calf pain when I first wake up and when I first start to run goes away after a couple of miles. Not tender to touch no bruising or swelling. No Achilles pain.

Symptoms: Pain in calf when I put pressure on left leg. Goes away as day goes on

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your calf pain can likely be due to muscle spasms after a nights sleep. Calf strains or s pasms often occur during running and can persist after exercise is complete and can persist throughout the day and be aggravated after remaining stationary for extended periods of time such as sleeping. We recommend that you perform calf stretches before and after running as well as rap your calf gently in a tension bandage while running. This should help prevent future pain. It would be wise to take some time away from running for a few days and practice calf stretching techniques, and if the pain subsides you can return to running with the precautions we have advised you. If you pain does not subside you will have to be examined by a physician to determine if strain requires further treatment such as physical therapy, or if there my be a minor tear in the muscle which would require a longer rehabilitation period.Thank you for choosing