Calorie Consumption for Moderately Active Teen Girls

Patient: I am a teenage girl. I am not extremely active but not out of shape and I think I’m pretty healthy. I play volleyball and dance every day. I am six feet tall and weigh 140 pounds – which is about a size 4-6. I do not want to diet; I am at a healthy weight. However, in my day-to-day life I do not consume many calories subconsciously. On good days, maybe I’ll eat 1500. On most days, though, I eat between 900 and 1200 calories. I feel that this is not safe, though I have not noticed significant weight loss. However, it seems that if I try to eat more, I am uncomfortable and sluggish-feeling (no matter how healthy the food is), and I have trouble sleeping. This is not to mention attitude – the more I eat, the moodier I become. I’m wondering if you have some suggestions about how many calories I should eat regularly, what foods I should eat, or if I even need to make any changes in my diet.