Calories burnt doing bicycle crunches.

Patient: How many calories do 150 bicycle crunches burn for a 100lb 27 year old female, performing them at 50 per minute.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comIt is said that crunches for 1 hour at moderate speed ( say 20/ minute ) can burn close to 400-500 calories.If you do bicycle crunches at a speed of 50 per minute for 3 minutes ( 150 ), it will help you burn close to 80-100 calories.This is a great way of strengthening your core, however, try to limit it to 30-40 per minute, otherwise the muscles can go in a state of spasm.Hope this was helpful,Regards.

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Patient: Hi, thankyou for your reply and help. Is the amount of calories burnt (80 – 100 calories burnt for 50 bicycle crunches at 3 minutes) the same regardless of whether i perform them at a high or low speed, i.e completing 150 bicycle crunches in 3 minutes or completing 150 bicycle crunches in 6 minutes etc. Also, do you have to fully extend and crunch the legs as far up to your chest when performing them in order to burn calories, and does this build more muscle, or does it not matter about the form of the bicycle crunch. Please can you email me back as soon as you receive this message to help me with this information and query, i would be really thankful for this. Thankyou for your help and kind regards,