Can a Lipoma go away on its own?

Patient: Can a Lipoma go away on its own?




Doctor: Hi.Welcome to Ask the Doctor. Thanks for your query.Well, Lipomas occur as a result of over growth of fat cells be neath the skin.Lipomas are usually mobile swelling with soft and rubbery consistency. They do not cause pain.It remains the same size over years or it may grow very slowly.Lipomas are usually not treated, because most of them don’t hurt or cause problems.Lipomas are removed only when it causes pain or it gets infected or if it is too big and looks abnormal.There is no medicine which can treat or reduce the size of Lipoma. It is only removed by surgical excision in doctors office or in outpatient surgery centers.Lipoma does not go away on its own.If you have Lipoma, and if it is painful or big enough to be noticed then you can contact your family Doctor so that he can examine it and plan for removal if required.Hope this helps.Wish you good health.

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