Can a Radiesse injection help to mask hand redness?

Patient: Hello, I am a 27 year old male with an unusual circulatory, hand-related problem. When my hands are hanging down at my side, the blood pools in them and they turn extremely red. When I raise my hands above heart-level, the blood drains back down and they return to a more normal pale color (see photos – first picture is of my “normal” hand color after it had been elevated; second picture is of the same hand after it had been hanging down at my side for several seconds). I am quite fair-skinned, and my doctor has suggested this redness problem is due to a combination of my skin being somewhat translucent, and my veins/blood vessels being very close to the surface.I’ve lived with this condition for over 10 years now, and it is quite embarrassing for me. I’ve been looking for potential solutions and recently came across a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting Radiesse into the hands. I realize Radiesse hand injections are typically used as a volumizing filler for older people to mask bulging veins and signs of aging, but could it work in my case as well? Could it add a “layer” between the skin of my hands and the veins that could help mask the redness? I would appreciate any thoughts on whether or not this could work, and am also open to other suggestions – cosmetic or otherwise – on how to reduce my hand redness (aside from walking around with my arms up in the air all day!).

Symptoms: Circulatory/dermatological problem; hand redness – blood pooling in hands

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Doctor: Thank you for writing to you.I believe that you have a defect in the veins or the anatomy of the body. Here are a fe w possibilities:Cervical ribArterial diseases like Berger’sRaynaud’s diseaseVeinous insufficiencyIf you have the following, you can usually treat this by talking to a Surgeon. The best way to diagnose it is to get an MRI and Colour doppler to see if the circulation is going well or not. Talk to a Surgeon and get help.Hope this helps you. All the best.