Can a Tummy Tuck and colon surgery be done at the same time?

Patient: I am 54 years old and have had 2 C-sections and a hysterectomy that basically cut along the same line from hip to hip but I have had an over-hang since my first pregnancy. The skin underneath has always seemed very thin and sensitve, even drying too vigorously with a towel can cause it to become irritated and I have to be careful that it stays dry so that it doesn’t get infected. I have wanted to have a tummy tuck for many years now but always talked myself out of it. Now, my doctor has recommended that I have part of my intestines removed due to several bouts with diverticulitis. He has told me that it could be done laproscopicly. Is it possible to combine this surgery with a tummy tuck? If the surgeries can be combined 1)is recovery more difficult/longer and 2) will this reduce my out of pocket cost in any way for the tummy tuck?

Doctor: The two procedures can indeed be combined but I doubt very much that your plastic surgeon would attempt to do a tummy tu ck procedure after your colon is removed. There is higher than average risk of developing an infection of some sort after colon surgery. Therefore it would be unwise to combine the two procedures. After you have had your colon removed and have completely recovered you may then discuss the tummy tuck procedure with your plastic surgeon.