Can a urinary tract infection clear up on its own?

Patient: Hi, for about four days, I had the symptoms of a urinary tract infection (burning during urination, decreased urinary stream, cloudy urine). However, these symptoms have now ceased. Instead, they have been replaced by a lower back pain. I have not taken any antibiotics or attempted to treat the UTI. Could it be that the UTI went away on its own and that the lower back pain is merely incidental?

Symptoms: burning during urination, decreased urinary stream, cloudy urine, lower back pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. In certain instances a UTI can clear on its own without antibiotic treatment. This may not be the case for you. In fact, the lower back pain you are experiencing could be indicative of the progression of this infection into your pelvic area, uterus, and surrounding structures. This can lead to a condition know as pelvic inflammatory disease. Please see your doctor as soon as you can to conduct a urine test, and physical examination. If bacteria is found within your urine, you may need to start a course of antibiotics to clear the bacteria causing this infection. Please be guided wishes you a speedy recovery.