Can allergy cause arthroncus and Lymph swelling?

Patient: I got unknown allergy recently, I feel itchy on my upper body, rash on arms. I also feel too hot on my face and ears. My question is can allergy also cause arthroncus and Lymph swelling? Will it be AOSD?

Symptoms: Itchy and rash on arms and upper body, hot on face and ears, lymph swelling, joint pain and swelling

Doctor: HiThank you for the question.Adult-onset Still’s disease is an inflammatory disease that may affect many joints, internal organs, and other parts of the body. Adult Still’s develops most often in people before age 45 but can first occur in later years as well.These are common symptoms of adult Still’s disease:-A fever (equal to or greater than 102 degrees) that comes on quickly once per day, usually in the afternoon or evening. For most people, these fevers resolve without treatment.-Joint pain, warmth, and swelling affecting a few joints at first — often knees and wrists — then several joints. Morning joint stiffness often lasts for several hours.-A salmon pink-colored skin rash that usually comes and goes with the fever and usually doesn’t itch. Flat spots or both flat spots and small, raised bumps may appear on your torso, upper arms or legs, or face.-Severe muscle aches, which also may ebb with the fever.-A sore throat that can be severe, constant, and burning.-Abdominal pain and swelling-Pain when taking a deep breath-Swollen glands (lymph nodes)-Unexplained weight lossContact your Doctor if you experience any of the symptoms of adult-onset Still’s disease. I hope this will help you. Take care.