Can an std cause a sore throat?

Patient: Hi, I am very concerned about whether or not I should be tested for an STD or not… Two days ago, me and my girlfriend had oral sex. Now, I am a girl too, believing that there are no consequences because she said there would be none, we went ahead and did so. Now I am stuck with a sore throat and very very scared about what this could mean. I swallowed a little, but mainly spit out most of what vaginal fluids I had in my mouth, then I put mouth wash in my mouth and gargled it for a while. How high of a chance is there if I didn’t have any cuts in my mouth? It was our first time ever doing something, and we are both virgins, and have never slept with any other people. She keeps telling me I will be fine, but I’m not so sure. Oh, and I keep burping and have a weird feeling. Is this just from stress or something else? What is the percentage of me having an STD?

Symptoms: Sore throat, sore lymph node to touch on right side jaw, constant belching