Can Arginine and Ornithine improve my height? The facts

Patient: I’m 5ft 8 19 year old male and i am desperate to increase my height to atleast 5ft 10. I know some people would kill to be 5ft 8 but for me this is like being lost in the land of giants. My parents are 5ft 6 and 5 respectively and my sisters are also 5ft 6. I realise that being 19 my growth spurt is coming to an end so i’m looking for anything that isn’t a scam, to work. I’ve researched hormone drugs called Argonine and Ornithine and some claim that they can improve your height. Please help me grow before it’s too late and if you are unsure or sceptical could you atleast give me a shot at what may work even if it is slim?because i’ll try anything. Thanks in advance Jonathan

Doctor: According with the data that you provided about your height , your age , and your family height,  it is not likely that you might have any growth deficiency, growth failure or failure to thrive. Sometimes the short stature may be the normal expression of genetic potential, in which case the growth rate is normal, or it may be the result of a condition that causes growth failure with a lower-than-normal growth rate. Growth failure is the term that describes a growth rate below the appropriate growth velocity for age. Some of the factors of short stature include: parents height (familial short stature), timing of the puberty because with the sexual hormones the epiphysial plates fusion occurs early, resulting in premature slowing of growth velocity, usually resulting in a short adult height. In your particular case, your epiphysis are closeing already, reducing your potential for an additional growth in stature. Ornithine is used experimentally in prepubertal children to help release growth hormone that metabolizes excess of body fat when combined with arginine. The following are some ways to grow: Sprint-up in the morning to go jogging, after a night of rest. Spring Run in short sequences. Short distances to give a break and start again. This helps you feel better legs. Swimming: Take swimming lessons from expert tutors is useful to get high. Swimmers are generally very tall. Some other practices: 1.- Sit on the floor, knees extended. Try to reach your toes. Now, try putting your head and touch the knee. 2.- Stand against the wall. Stretch your arms and lift your heels as far as possible, and standing on his fingers. This type of stretching exercises help a lot to grow tall. Medical Methods: Physicians may order  release of growth hormone products, such as glycine, glutamine, agriculture nine, , niacin and 16 other amino acids. But it is the right dose. Otherwise, it would lead to harm. In short, these are some methods to grow up. Although each person is genetically determined height of what would be the potential for growth is always advisable to do some exercises to get there.