Can atorvastatin increase my blood sugar?

Patient: Hello Dr,I had a question regarding my current cholesterol medication– atorvastatin 10mg. Can this drug cause any increase in my blood sugar (if so then usually by how many mg% will it increase my sugars), if so then is there an alternative medication to lower my cholesterol. I am also noticing that I am losing my hair more frequently and I was wondering if this could be a side effect of the medication I am currently taking or if it is related to my hypothyroidism.Please comment on my current medications I am taking.Thank you

Doctor: HiUnfortunately, yes, atrovastatin can increase you blood sugar, but it is difficult to predict how much it can increa se your sugar.there are many alternative medications like fibrates etc, you need to discuss with your doctorI think, falling of hair is due to hypothyroidism, not due to atorvastatin. you should see your doctor for this.

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Doctor: yes, some time atrovastatin can increase your sugar level, you need to discuss with your doctor, if you are concern with it