Can birth control make period late?

Patient: Does birthcontrol make your period late?? so this is confusing.i called my doctor to start birth control. she gave me the pills on the 26th of february. i decided to take it the next day which was 2 days into ovulation. i didn’t know that at the time. so this is where the problem is. i had unprotected sex two times on the 26th of feb which is the day before i started it. this month in march i was a week late then finally i got it i think. my period was 7 days late and it was never red it was first brown then pink then chunks of pink/red. and it only lasted 1 day. there was alittle red but i don’t know. can the pill make you late or am i prego???

Doctor: Thank you for your query.First of all make sure that you are not pregnant. This is because you say that you did not h ave your complete period and you say it was not frank bleeding (not red in color). Just go in for a home pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. Birth control pill should be taken timely. They should be taken starting from day 5 of the menstrual cycle till day 25 if they come in 21 strip packs or till day 28 if they come in 28 per pack. In this pack the last seven tablets do not contain the active medicine and just made in order to avoid confusion or making mistakes forgetting the pills etc.When the birth control pill is taken regularly only then will it help and act as an effective contraceptive. Its action starts early on and does not allow ovulation to take place. When the birth control pill is not taken from day 5 or missed its effectiveness is lost and when started later on in middle other forms of contraception should be used like condom or vaginal insert pills (spermicidal effects) or the morning after pills taken within 72 hours after sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy.Hope this answer your query.Good day.