Can broken nose make your teeth crooked?

Patient: I’m 16 and I broke my nose about a year ago. I did nothing about it and now it’s crooked. Is it possible that it’s affecting my teeth. Because this year they have changed and are crooked. How much would it cost to have my nose Realigned, would insurance cover it?

Doctor: Thank you for your question.A broken nose resulting in crooked nose does not lead to a change in the alignment of th e teeth. The Nasal bones are different than the bone which harbors the teeth (the maxilla). Nasal realignment surgery is sometimes covered by insurance depending on your particular plan. This involves re-breaking the nasal bones by performing an osteotomy, and realigning the bones in their natural position. You will need to wear a nasal splint for several weeks following surgery to protect the bones while they heal.If your insurance does not cover it, a rhinoplasty to correct the deformity will cost between $5000 and $8000.