Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Patient: I am a 20 year old female college student and first noticed hair loss on the left side of my head, around the temple area, about four months ago. I don’t have a bald spot, but that area is getting progressively thinner. I have always had a sensitive scalp, and I currently have dandruff and an itchy, burning scalp. Could the dandruff be the cause of my hair loss?

Symptoms: Hair loss mostly on the left side of head, itchy/burning scalp, dandruff

Doctor: Hair loss is seen due to many conditions like seborrhea (dandruff), fungal infections, anxiety, depression, sleeplessnes s, etc. Your complaints typically match to seborrhea , i.e. dandruff. You need to apply shampoos for dandruff under supervision as it will effectively treat the condition and reduce hair fall too. Consult a dermatologist for confirming the diagnosis and get treated under supervision.