Can Home Pregancy Tests Give False Positive Results?

Patient: I took a home pregnancy test 2 days ago, i took it and walked away as i didn want to know untill my partner came home we both looked at it and the result was a fain positive im not sure how long it was there for so i dont know if it could just be vapor or what i have missed my period (wich made me take it in the first place) so i was just wondering is there such thing as a false positive?

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about home pregnancy test accuracy. Home pregnancy tests are reliable when used properl y, however they are not a 100% accurate.My suggestion will be to take another test, you could try another brand. Try to use the first urine in the morning, which will be more concentrated and could carry more HCG which is the hormone that it needs to detect. Do the test within 15 minutes of collecting the sample. And be sure to give the test time to work, a few minutes will be fine.If the result is positive, you might want to confirm this with a Blood pregnancy test with your health care provider. I wish you the best.