Can HSV1 be Dormant and can it still be contacted?

Patient: HI Doctors, I did some reading of previous questions about the HSV1 virus. I know it’s not considered the STD version of the virus and can be contracted as a child, but telling anyone your dating that you have it throws them into a fearful state.I am 39 and just found out the other day that I’ve had it almost all my life, HSV1 >5.00. I never knew this info before and so relaying it to my girlfriend has her scared to be intimate with me even kiss me.I have never had an outbreak or cold sore. The most I ever had or have are a canker sore once every 4 years in my mouth and I am sure it is a canker and I’ve had them since a child and I know the difference between canker (benign) and Cold sores (HSV-1). So being as I have never shown symptoms and reading some of your previously answered questions, I see it still may be possible for me to give her HSV-1.Just to confirm, is it true that Canker Sores are benign and can I still infect her even if I never had a cold sore? Also is there any meds that I could take to make sure she never gets it?As far as I know, my X’s have told me they don’t have it but now that I know I do I’d rather be cautious and well, I’m not going to use a dental dam. So if there is any over the counter or cheap prescription alternatives please advise so I can contact my physician for a prescription. Like I said, I have never had an outbreak, cold sore and as far as my X’s confirmation, never passed it on to them. Can it just be dormant in some people? Also note I have Hypothyroidism and extremely low BPS. Just a small person that’s all. Any clarification and help would be great. Thanks for your time.

Symptoms: None.