Can husband take Dabur musli strong tablets while tb treatment going on?

Patient: My husband is taking Tb treatment from last two months. He is also suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I just want to know can he take Dabur musli strong tablets while tb treatment going on or he should wait for sometime. pls advise me.

Doctor: Hello, I feel sorry that he is suffering with TB, but all thanks to science that today we have solutions to many problem s. And answer to your question is that TB drugs general interact with many other drugs , and the drug you mention seems like a Ayurvedic medicine so I don’t think it’s advisable to take any Ayurvedic medicines along with TB drugs , and You neednot worry about the sexual life problems you are dealing wih because generally all these sex strength increasing medicines donot work as much as they promise , if you are suffering with any sex related problem then you better consult an venerologist , he would help you in finding where the exact problem is and treat you accordingly, but without addressing the underlying problem just using some random drug will never help. Take care .