Can i apply directly the apple cider vinegar to my vagina?

Patient: I am suffering yeast infection for a year and i am so worried about my health, i have already taken anti-fungal antibiotic for 2 weeks but nothing happened. Then i have been searching for some home remedies for this and i hVe always read about the apple cider vinegar which they says is an effective for combating yeast infection. My question is, is it true and can i apply it directly to an infected area of my vagina?

Symptoms: Itchy and burning paper cut on labia, bloating,pelvic discomfort and my tongue is couted with furry white.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to the manufacturers of apple cider vinegar it c an help in curing yeast infection.But clinically it is not used widely.The main function of apple cider vinegar is maintaining the vaginal pH, which can be done by general vaginal washes like v wash, easy wash etc and with these you can avoid the possible burning sensation of apple cider vinegar.Probiotics like sporolac also serves same purpose.So, you can choose them with your doctor’s advice.As you are having yeast infection for one year, better to rule out diabetes, immunodeficiency etc provocative factors.And both partners should be treated simultaneously to avoid cross infections.Take care.