Can I ask my gp for a Ritalin prescription?

Patient: Would a GP prescribe me Ritalin if I asked him?I definitely have depression and my GP knows this. I read about Ritalin and now I think it really could help me. Thing is, it obviously has a potential for abuse so I don’t know if my doctor would prescribe it. I don’t know if I have ADHD, I did an Internet self evaluation and it said I do but I know these thing aren’t precise. Anyway, I feel that all my depression related issues will go away if I can get myself to be productive which is right now impossible for me. I mean it’s huge effort to go to buy groceries or read a chapter of a book. Do you think I should ask my doctor for a prescription and how should I ask him so he understands and doesn’t think I’m looking to get high or sell Ritalin?Thanks

Symptoms: Depression, laziness, lethargy, anxiety