Can I be pregnant after plan b?

Patient: Can I be pregnant after Plan B?I took Plan B within nine hours after unprotected sex, about one and a half month ago. I got my period about three days later than the day I expected it to start. So it started and it lasted for more than 3 weeks! Heavy in the beginning, lighter later on. the past couple of weeks I’ve done three pregnancy tests (the most recent one this morning) and all of them were negative. Yet I’m still scared I can be pregnant. Can I let go of my worries and just go on with my life? I read on some internet sites that some women don’t produce enough pregnancy hormone (hcg) for a test to detect, so they get false negatives. Sometimes even when they’ve been pregnant for weeks or even months! (very scary). So I took plan B within 9 hours after unprotected sex.. Had a heavy period three days later than the day I expected to get my period (I know this is good. I know plan B can delay your period a couple of days)I did three pregnancy test (one of them this morning) and they were all negative

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have taken plan be on time and also got your cycles which lasted for long ti me as well, there is nothing to worry and you are not pregnant.You can set your worries aside. Do not go with internet sites all the time, always take a Doctor’s opinion.Hope this was reassuring.Regards