Can i be pregnant and not know at almost 7 months

Patient: I had sex 7 months ago. My bf used a condom and he when he wanted to ejaculate he took his penis out and ejaculated away from me in the condom. I always get my period. and i had 2 hpt and they said its negative. what are the chances that i might be pregnant and not know. I never had symtopms but im still scared.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have always been getting your periods every month after the last sexual interco urse, with your boyfriend, it rules out the possibility of pregnancy. Missing your periods is a symptom of pregnancy.Since you have been getting them for past seven months, there is no likely chance that you could be pregnant, also you do not have any symptoms of pregnancy.Do not worry and there is no need for further tests to rule out pregnancy.Hope this helpedRegards