Can I be pregnant from oral and anal sex?

Patient: Dear doctor,On April 19, I had oral and anal sex with my bf. He ejaculated in my anus. 30 min or so later he rubbed his penis on my vulva for a few seconds then he used his fingers to rub my clitoris.A week later I got my period for full 6days; a month later I got my period again on May 20th.Then in June, I got my period on June 20th.However, I am experiencing all symptoms of pregnancy. I am always tired and feeling nauseous; In addition, I am constipated and bloated.I took many home pregnancy tests and the results were always negative. I went to the doctor for a pelvic ultrasound scan, she didn’t see anything related to pregnancy. She just said that I have mild PCOS and that she could see that I’m ovulating.I am still a virgin by the way.I am really worried that I could be pregnant and I can’t have the doc perform vaginal scan on me since I am still a virgin.I live in an Arab country and I can’t easily test for pregnancy if i’m not married. The doc took a blood test to check whether I had some deficiencies, but everything was normal.My questions are as follows:- Could I still be pregnant in this case; or my symptoms could be a result of constant worrying and fear?- Would a doctor tell if I’m pregnant through a blood test done to analyze for Vitamin D, liver, Hemoglobing level etc?- Is the Pelvic ultrasound scan enough to tell that I’m not pregnant?I am very worried and abortion isn’t an option here neither is for anyone around me to know that I’m pregnant. My family would literally disown me if not kill me.Please I need help!

Symptoms: Nausea, fatigue, constipation, too much sleep;

Doctor: Thank you for your query.From the things you have quoted it looks like the chances of you having conceived seemed to b e less as you are having your periods as per your schedule and with normal bleeding pattern. The symptoms you have quoted overlap with other conditions as well, you have to consult your doctor to ascertain the underlying cause for the same. The blood test for βhCG can more precisely help to diagnose the pregnancy status but the blood test for vitD, Hb, liver etc will not indicate pregnancy status. Vaginal ultrasound scan can provide better picture on your pregnancy status, but even on the abdominal scan they may be able to see thickened endometrium by now the abdominal scan can also diagnose if there is a gestational sac.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.