Can i be pregnant ? I had sex before my period and i am a week late. I also had sex the day my period was suppose to end.

Patient: My bf and I had sex a day before my period which was Aug 19.2014. My period was suppose to come Aug 20,2014 I am a week and a day late. We had unprotected sex, but he did not *** inside me (not that I know of. My period was suppose to end Aug 26,2014 and we had unprotected sex, he came but not inside me. But on my vagina (hole) area.

Doctor: It is highly unlikely that you could be pregnant, if you had unprotected intercourse just before your period. Precum or pre-ejaculatory fluid is the secretion from the glands in the aroused penis. This fluid rarely ever contains active sperms.Delayed menses can be caused by a variety of reasons other than pregnancy. Hormonal imbalances, weight fluctuations, thyroid illness, polycystic ovaries etc. are all causes of delayed menses.However, the best way to be sure is to do a home pregnancy test. You can follow the instructions on the pack and get tested yourself without any hassles.Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine. Most home urine tests are similar in principle however there are certain differences in how one must do the test such as the method of collecting the urine, the length of time one needs to urinate on the stick for and the symbols used to indicate whether one is pregnant or not. It is important to follow manufacturers’ instructions as specifics may vary for each pregnancy test kit,For more accurate results test first thing in the morning and give the kit a few minutes to work. Most women are able to take the test themselves without any hassles. The home pregnancy tests are almost 99% accurate and will hopefully help you get rid of your worries.