Can i be pregnant or premenopolse?

Patient: I had my tubes tied 7 years ago. Dec I had a very light period that lasted 2 days and only bleed when I wiped now its January and its doing the same thing. Could I have a eptomic pregnancy.?? My breast are very tender I have had headachs and a little cramping..

Symptoms: Pink bleeding light only when i wipe sholder pains cramps headachs tender sore breast

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There have been cases of women getting pregnant even after tubal ligation, chances of ect opic pregnancy is also possible.The symptoms you have described, can be premenstrual or may even be a pregnancy.It is unlikely to be premenopausal as you are young to reach a pre menopause state.We need to differentiate between the two.You need to see a gynecologist, and get a beta hCG test done, repeat the same after 48 hours, if there is an increasing trend in the titers, then you will have to get an ultrasound done to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.If negative for pregnancy, the doctor may prefer to wait till your periods resume for a week, if they do not then you may be given hormonal support to bring back your cycles, and regularize them further if needed.Hope this helpedRegards.