Can I concieve my second child at the age of

Patient: Hello Doctor,I am a female of age 35yrs 5 months as of today. I had my first and only son on September 2006. It was an opted C section as it was past due date. I had no complications throughout and after my delivery. The baby was heathy and weighed 3.2 kg at birth. Recently I am on Thyronorm 25 mcg as my TSH was near borderline.My question is after so many years is it safe to concieve another baby. I have never taken any birth control pills. I never had tried to concieve in these many years either. But now is it too late to have a healthy baby? If not, what tests I need to perform before I start trying to concieve? I am already taking folic acid since 3 months.

Symptoms: I have regular periods. Ocassional wine drinker. Presently healthy with no history of illness. Thyroid level was slightly on higher side. On Thyronorm 25 mcg since 6 months.