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Can I get a leg tattoo if I have hpv

Patient: Can I get a leg tattoo if I have hpv 16? There is no hpv on my leg



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.HPV virus is known to cause warts. Though you may not be visualising a wart in the area of the planned tattooing, the virus remains vigilant in your body.Any scratching or abrasion of the skin can lead to the spread of the virus and formation of new warts. It will traumatize the skin and cause the infection to spread beyond control. Any stress to the body or the immune system can lead to the spread of the virus.Hence, it is recommended that you avoid getting the tattoo done anywhere in your body if you are infected by HPV.Feel free to write back for any further clarifications.Hope this helped.Regards.



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Patient: Hpv 16 does not cause warts. I received a diagnosis 4 yrs ago after having a baby, go for yearly colcoscopy, is a tattoo an issue?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
HPV 16 can be generally associated with other types of HPV as well. It can lead to skin warts.
We would still recommend not to go in for the tattoo, as the immune levels with a viral infection, can become low and can lead to unexpected infections and complications. If you are still keen, you can go ahead provided you take care of your general health and report any complications like skin peeling, abnormal discharge, eruptions on skin, etc at the earliest to the doctors
Hope this helped.


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