Can i get a tattoo having tinea versicolor?

Patient: Hi. I am looking to get my very first tattoo.However I am a bit afraid because i have some spots, tinea versicolor, reaching the area of where I want to get the tattoo (arm).I am using a cream, sertaconazole nitrate, but the spots are still present and to me it looks they are spreading even more.My question is if it is safe to get a tattoo and if the tattoo will be damaged by this?thank you very much

Doctor: Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection of trunks and arms. Tattoo over the area infected, might aggravate the symptoms. You must be treated completely first for tinea versicolor and the get tattoo done. Consult a dermatologist for the same, to be treated and cured completely for tinea versicolor. Get tattoo done by a professional to avoid the risks of tattoo instrument infection, especially HIV.