Can I get an STD.

Patient: Hello doctor my name is Shaun I was been exposed to std in the past 3-4week, I did visit a doctor after I recognize which was about a week after, I I’m not sure but I think that my std wasn’t cleared properly so I went back yo check, the nurse did not take my urine test this time because she claim that I was okay, but in the mean time there was a few bumps that started to develop on my shoulder and chest, which the doctor said it looks like allergies but now the bumps started to look like its slowly wanna take over my belly, it does look like HPV because my bump look flat with a tiny hole I think inside and also have a look like if I got burn it a plastic bag, do you think its something or its just really allergies?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.A STD is a rare possibility because it is rarely localised to only one place. It will ei ther be localised to the groin areas or the be generalised and be present all over the body.If you do not feel confident, please get a 2nd opinion from another Doctor.On my list, I would rate these causes from most to least likely:AllergiesViral infectionsBacterial infectionsDrug reactionsSTDI hope this helps you. All the best.