Can I get normal sensitivity and normal shape of penis.

Patient: Can I get normal sensitivity and normal shape of pennies after foreskin restoration

Doctor: Hi young man.Thanks for your query.Read your query and understood your concern about getting back the normal sensi tivity and normal shape of the penis after foreskin restoration.Since you have not provided the detailed history whether you have undergone a circumcision operation that the foreskin is removed or you are worried about what will happen after circumcision.If the circumcision is to be done, it will increase the sensitivity in the initial period as the glans will be exposed to the atmosphere. There will be no problem with the shape.if you have already been circumcised, the foreskin may not be restored.But if you have any such problem, I would advise you to consult a Genera Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon or an Urologist nearby to get a clinical evaluation, physical examination and discuss the outcome of any procedure you need to undergo.Hope this helps you.