Can I Get Pregnant If My Boyfriend Fingered Me?

Patient: My boyfriend fingered me right after he ejaculated on his hands he didnt wipe it off and when he did i was most fertile and im 14 could i be pregnant???

Doctor: Hello, I recognize your concern about possible pregnancy. Surely the way that you described the event might be considere d as indirect insemination. In other words, the possibility of pregnancy by transporting sperm to your vagina by your partner’s hand could be considered.This possibility increases if your cervical mucus is moist and sticky which is usually present when ovulation is current. The only way to rule this out is to take a Home pregnancy test 7 to 15 days after you had unprotected sex or the event that you described if your next menses are not present.In the future, if you would like to avoid unwanted pregnancies you could ask your physician about contraceptive methods, he or she would kindly explain them to you and suggest you the best choice. I wish you the best.