Can I get pregnant swallowing cum?

Patient: Hi, well im 18 years old and i was over at my boyfriends house we were getting kind of intimate, i was wet. We had oral sex and i had felt something in my mouth he had said hw didnt cum so we werent sure after like 30 mins we messed around and he rubbed his penis on my labia, im very worried because i’m not ready to have a kid and my parents would be dissapointed. I dont keep track of my period since its irregular. I am now worrying since my period hasnt come and i havent had any symptoms of any sort. No vomiting, no morning sickness, nothing. I did have lower abdominal pain for like 3 days and then stopped now my lower back hurts since at my job we bend down to pick up heavy things. Not sure need help ASAP!!Thanks

Symptoms: Lower back pain
After occurence for 3 days straight i had lower abdominal pain like cramps

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Even though you did not have intercourse, there was unprotected sexual contact. The chance s of you becoming pregnant from the encounter which you described unlikely, but not impossible. Furthermore, your irregular do pose a difficulty in determining whether your period is late or not. We would suggest you perform a pregnancy test, or visit your doctor and have one done there. This is the only way to determine if you are pregnant or not.Thank you for choosing