Can I get tested for depression/anxiety at a walk in clinic?

Patient: Can I get tested for depression/anxiety at a walk in clinic?There are several in my town, and my family doctor is an hour away. My parents would have to drive me and they never listen to me, they wont take me. But my friend will go with me to a walk in clinic near by.So again, can I get professionally tested (or diagnosed) with depression at a walk in clinic? I really need it.

Symptoms: -Feeling sad and run down all the time.
-Stopped eating
-Physical pain for no reason (ex. muscle knots in neck and back)
-Low self-esteem
-Self harm/suicidal thoughts
-Cant concentrate
-Lost interest in once enjoyable activities
-Having trouble sleeping and over sleeping

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Most walk-in clinics are are staffed by board certified family physicians who all have trai ning in psychiatry. You can certainly undergo an evaluation for depression/anxiety with a doctor under this setting if you are unable to see your family doctor. It is important to note that for the prescription of medication, and further extensive evaluation we recommend that you consult a psychiatrist who has more extensive training in the diagnosis and management of depression and anxiety.Thank you for consulting