Can I have a child if my AMH level is 0.76 and FSH is 13.9?

Patient: Can you tell me what the AMH level of 0.76 means? My FSH is 13.9. I have no medical problems and a clear hydrosonogram. Should I have a IUI procedure done or go right to IVF?

Doctor: A low AMH and a high FSH are both indicators of a diminished ovarian reserve. The chances of naturally conceiving are lo w as your values suggest a diminished ovarian reserve.I would not recommend IUI to you as it increases your chances of pregnancy by only 15 percent whereas IVF gives you a chance of 40 -50 percent. If you are menstruating regularly and have no other complicating factors, you do have a fairly decent chance of getting pregnant with IVF cycles.In women with low ovarian reserve, to increase chances of success with IVF certain drugs such as DHEA supplements, L-arginine etc. have been suggested by many researchers.Different types of IVF protocols such as milder stimulations using a lower dose of gonadotropins have also been advocated as good options for women with diminished reserve.It would be a good idea to visit an experienced Assisted reproduction expert (IVF specialist) and discuss the options available to you thoroughly before you commit to any form of therapy. As time is of essence here, I urge you to do your research quickly and get your treatment started.Wish you all the very best and hope your dream of becoming a mother comes true soon.