Can I have ADHD symptoms with out having ADHD?

Patient: Hello there. I am 25 years old, Male, and I have a few questions. I feel that I have similar symptoms to ADD but I do not think I have ADD, is this possible? I have a very difficult time staying focused on almost everything unless I am interested, I have a very very bad memory unless I am very interested, it is hard for me to listen to people unless I am interested, I have an extraordinarily hard time keeping a job, I miss almost every appointment I make, I always have to move around, I cant sit through movies, tv, video games, or much of anything, I get scared all the time of judgments, I don’t like how I look, the list can go on, obviously. I know you can not diagnose me, but I have a really hard time wanting to go to appointments and showing my face and admitting to them, my self, and my family, that I think there is something very wrong with the way my mind works. Please point me in the right direction and give an assumption of what my symptoms could possibly mean. Thank you

Symptoms: Distracted, disinterested, memory loss, listening, keeping a job, late, restless, anxious, etc

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your question on “Ask The Doctor”.I understand your situation and concern about your healthDe creased attentiveness is seen in ADHD, thyroid disorders, liver disorders.In conditions like anxiety neurosis, depression, personality disorders and drug/alcohol/substance abuse, the restlessness and inattentiveness is seen.Your symptoms mostly match with ADHD but lack of confidence is suggestive of depression.Only a psychiatrist can reveal the diagnosis and hence you are advised to see him soon.Delay in treatment will worsen your health and career.Have courage. It is not a shameful thing to discuss such common things with your doctor.Wish you a good health.