Can I have another baby with these high levels of estrogen?

Patient: I am on birth control to control prolonged unexplained bleeding. If I dont take the birth control then I bleed for weeks. So how can I have another baby?

Symptoms: Prolonged bleeding

Doctor: Hello,If you are experiencing heavy menses then it is generally seen that the bleeding is controlled after taking a c ourse of birth control pills for at least 6 months. Following which bleeding is controlled and in the next cycle with timing ovulation with ovulation kits and then timed intercourse pregnancy can be achieved. If bleeding still persists then you may be started on oestrogen pills in the first phase of cycle and once ovulation occurs then can be placed on progesterone pills separately , then pregnancy is more likely.You may discuss the options with your physician and take an informed decision. I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards