Can I have breast reduction ?

Patient: I am 14 . I have 36 DDD bra size . I suffer from back troubles  and indentions in my shoulders from my bra . I want a breast reduction , but I don’t know if I am qualified enough . Also , am I old enough ? And how will my stretch marks go away ? They are deep .

Doctor: Breast Reduction surgery is best performed after the breasts are fully developed. As you are still a teenager,  your bod dy is still developing. You seem to have the indications for a breast reduction procedure but it is best to wait until your body as completely developed before undergoing any such surgery.The strectch marks have developed because of the continued breast growth. There are numerous creams and ointments that may be applied after consultation with a dermatologist to reduce the appearance of these after you have had your breast reduction procedure. You should note that the appearance of the stretch marks will improve with time even without treatment.